Enjoy Mohonk
the spa rocks
mountain hike -- stone tower at top, rock climbs, hikes
gym, swimming pool
don't skip meals because they're free, drinks are free at meals too
vendor hour -- more free drinks and snacks and a raffle!

Contribute to the wiki -- neit.wikispaces.com
Share links to useful resources
edit your entry -- add blog links, etc.

micro-blogging -- 140 characters per message
search.twitter.com search for #NEIT17

start account, find people, follow them,
most posts are public, but you can send direct messages


Tag photos #NEIT17

Tags -- common language
search google for tags and you get things assigned the same tag from various sources

Talk to people!
And find the right people. How to find the right people:
  • ask, sit with different people at meals, stray from your school colleagues
  • we get smarter with collective knowledge
  • look for breakout times
  • You don't have to follow the schedule, if you want to do something

Keep the conversation going
Continuing conversations beyond these few days -- easier with many of above tools
Keep lines of communication open - see who attended the conversations you want to continue and follow up with them! Emails are on the attendee list on the wiki home.
Use your network, build your network -- Twitter and #NEIT15is a great way to make connections

NYCIST.net -- great listserv
NYCISTk6 -- PK-6 listserv

Independent School Educators network -- social network for educators