About the Conference

We will be using Open Space Technology complemented by two keynotespeakers: Jeff Lebow http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Lebow and virtual appearance by Chris Lehman, founder of The Science Leadership Academy (a School 2.0 experiment) in Philadelphia, http://www.scienceleadership.org/

In addition, we're lucky to have Kaliya Hamlin, a veteran of unconferences, on hand to facilitate this event. Visit http://www.Unconference.net to learn more about her work.

For this year's conference, the planning committe decided to go with a change of pace.... Given the incredible rate at which technology changes, we wondered if it really made sense to plan a conference a year, or even 6 months, in advance. The committee therefore decided to convene an unconference, where participants shape the agenda on the spot.

Why? Think back to conferences you have attended. What do you often find to be the most informative and useful parts? The chats between sessions and conversations with peers in the hall or over a meal? That's the energy and usefulness we want to capture with this unconference.

Come prepared with ideas, projects, materials, etc. as we organize the agenda, convene the discussion groups, and build a knowledge ecosystem using our shared resources and information.

We are using this wiki ahead of time to share.

This is the place for you to contribute topics.

  • the topics you hope to hear discussed
  • discussions you are willing to facilitate
  • information about the presentations you will offer
  • questions you have that you hope to get answers to