Table of Contents

Unconference sessions postings - video (new!)
Personal Agenda's (What sessions did you attend)

Day 1:

Session 1:
A - Developing Responsible & Ethical Digital Citizens
B - Using Technology to Free Ourselves: To Do Nothing, To Breath, To Improve our offline quality of life
C - Internet Safety
D - Keeping Abreast of Emerging Technology?
E - Security and Password Protocol
F - Drupal in Education
I - School Laptop Programs Pro and Con
J - Enterprise Macintosh - links posted!

Session 2:
A - Library Catalog Systems
B - New Instructional Strategies
D - Unplug: How much tech is too much in the time of Web 2.0
E - Simplicity of Web Software
F - Smartboards in K-5
G - Ed Tech Integration or Innovation
I - Infrastructure, Bandwidth, and Preparing for Emerging Technology
K - Moodle: Inhouse, Outsource: Roll Out to Teachers

Session 3:
A - Search Techniques on Internet
B - To Vista or not to Vista
C - Web 2.0 Tools Open Source
D - LOGO: Creating simulations for sc
E - Digital Photography: project Ideas
F - E-Rate Funding Overview
G - What happens When the Tech Doesn't Work
J - Electronic Communication with Parents

Day 2:

Session 4:
A - Documentaries/Digital Storytelling and Creative Use of Video and Photo: email, wikis, websites, blogs and more combined with: -
B - Pico Cricket Exploration
C - Open World Cat: Will we have a universal catalog?
D - LS Tech: Let's talk about what you are doing
E - Finalsite Topics: Custom Web Design
F - Google Apps for Schools: GMail as Collaboration
H - Using Technology To Free Yourself
I - Teaching the Distracted

Session 5:
A - E-Records Retention
B - Teaching Computer Science through Robotics
C - Foreign Language instruction with Clicker
D - Collaborative Convergence Teaching and Learning
E - What is the Library?
F - First Class vs. Web 2.0
I - e-Portfolios: How are you using them both inside and outside the classroom?
L - Filemaker 9 (moved from J)
M - Taming the Cyberbully

Session 6:
A - Internet Use: Responsible, Ethical, Safe, Trust Issues
B - E-Rate Funding for Technology
C - Managing a Multi-Platform Environment
E - How to Guide Students in Making Quality Media
I - WikiWiki Quick and Easy
J - Standards-based Assessment: What are you doing and what are you supposed to be doing?
K - OpenID & Single Sign On
M - Teach the Way Reporters Report
N -Open World Cat: Will we have a universal catalog? Continued

Day 3:

Session 7:
A -Managing Your 9 Million Tasks - to do lists, project management, tool, oh my!
B -Foreign Language Instruction and Technology Integration
D - More Lower School Tech: Great Projects
E - GPS Digital Maps
A link to excellent GPS resources from Tom Chandler's class at TC
F - Creating an e-Portfolio in 15 minutes using Digication
H - Jing
I - Faculty Professional Development- GREAT IDEAS HERE
N - Second Life

Session 8:
A -Build a Moodle Server and Moodle Basics
B -Getting Rid of E-mail
C - Robotics curriculum: What should it look like?
D - Girls & Women in Tech

Session 9:
A -
E - Processing
F - Collaborative Convergence Teaching and Learning v. 2.0