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Conference Introduction

Keynote I - David Shipley

Keynote II - Sylvia Martinez

Session 1 - Wednesday: 5:30 - 6:30 - Open space #1

NEIT2008-1A - Intro to SmartBoards - How to and why
NEIT2008-1B - Social Emotional Learning; Serious Games and Technology
NEIT2008-1E -
NEIT2008-1F - Why traditional professional development doesn't work with technology.
NEIT2008-1G - What makes a middle school library special
NEIT2008-1H- Case Study: Technology Evaluation
NEIT2008-1I- US Computer Science Curriculum
NEIT2008-1J - How 2 RAWK NEIT2008
NEIT2008-1K - Getting the most out of Skype
NEIT2008-1L - Moodle Language Learning Labs
NEIT2008-1M- Discussion of using wikis with kids
NEIT2008-1N - Using technology to communicate with students outside of school (google apps, im, email)

Session 2 - Thursday - 8:30 - 9:30 - Open space #2

NEIT2008-2A - SmartBoards DO not work very well
NEIT2008-2C - Girls and Computer Science
NEIT2008-2E - School Web Sites - Open Source options for content management (*notes updated:)
NEIT2008-2F - SmartBoards Smart Notebook Tips and Tricks
NEIT2008-2I - School Technology Audits When Where Why How Who
NEIT2008-2J The Google Effect
NEIT2008-2K Student Blogging

Session 3 - Thursday - 10:15 - 11:15 - Open space #3

NEIT2008-3A- Open Source - Free Applications
NEIT2008-3B What makes a middle school library special?
NEIT2008-3C Digital Media Archiving/Library tied in with podcasting and streaming tech
NEIT2008-3D Finalsite web based cms software
NEIT2008-3E Technology Professional Development Models
NEIT2008-3F Games and Game Design in the Classroom
NEIT2008-3I - SmartBoard - examples of content across disciplines
NEIT2008-3J - Developmentally appropriate use of web 2.0 -- tech, blogs, social networks, voicethread
NEIT2008-3K - Intro to programming using Processing
NEIT2008-3L - Macintosh in the Enterprise
NEIT2008-3M - Problem based learning

Session 4 - Thursday: 11:30 - 12:30 - Open space #4

NEIT2008-4A - Discussions on Integrating the Smartboard with humanities.
NEIT2008-4B - Web based software -- Integration, Facebook SIS, ALumni
NEIT2008-4C - Disrupting Class. What does your school look like in 10 years?
NEIT2008-4D - 21st Century Libraries - What's next?
NEIT2008-4E- Equipment Recycling Equipment Disposal and Replacement Cycles
NEIT2008-4F - Digital Music
NEIT2008-4G -
NEIT2008-4H -
NEIT2008-4I - Product Design Project My Way -
NEIT2008-4J - Laptop program year 1 - problems I didn't think I'd have
NEIT2008-4K - Google Apps in Education
NEIT2008-4L - The Golden Triangle - Experiences Integrating Open Directory with Active Directory

Session 5 - Thursday: 5:00 - 6:00 - Open space #5

NEIT2008-5A - Robotics
NEIT2008-5B - Our Smartboard issues raised in session 2A - addressed by Tequipment
NEIT2008-5D- Technies and Librarians can be friends - Let's get it together.
NEIT2008-5E - Al Doyle Animation
NEIT2008-5F - OLPC XO - What if every child in the world had a laptop?
NEIT2008-5G - Class Link
NEIT2008-5H - Intro to Smartboards
NEIT2008-5I I.T. 2.0 - The collision between BYO 3G network and the 20 yr. old Ed Tech model.
NEIT2008-5M - What to do when your business manager says no.

Session 6 - Friday: 10:45 - 11:45 - Open space #6

NEIT2008-6A - How do student response systems and docuemnt cameras help teachers evaluate student progress?
NEIT2008-6B - Dan Pink - Brains or Baloney?
NEIT2008-6C - Skype Hands on / Global Collaboration
NEIT2008-6D - Preparing students for collegie - core compedancies
NEIT2008-6E - Virtualizing servers / clients / production / testing
NEIT2008-6F - Disrupting Class
NEIT2008-6G - Imaging UIU (Universal Imaging Utility)
NEIT2008-6H - FirstCLass - Make it work the way you want it to
NEIT2008-6I- Help w/ Google Sketchup -
NEIT2008-6J - Open Source Integrated Library Systems
NEIT2008-6K - Requesting - Wordpress and Blogging organizing your digital life
NEIT2008-6L - Electronic Distraction & Classroom