Network Mashup (Frankstein to Beautiful): Combining Google, Facebook, Whipple Hill etc.
Session Convened by Akbar Herndon - Grace Church School - k-8 (opening high school)

-Akbar Herndon - Looking for help with designing data storage, classroom management, social networking, reporting writing/contacts, digital portfolio - common spaces. What works well. How might they design something closer to the ideal.

Currently for K - 8: Filemaker Pro builds admissions and report writing/contacts DB, then pushes data to Silverpoint (website), each office has their own DB and one person sends notification of changes to each office (non-centralized environment for different aspects of organization). Beginning to use Google Apps and Dropbox.
Does Haiku or Schoology come closer to offering a comprehensive view?

-Listening to others experiences in trying to create unified experience social/educational for students and faculty. Looking for the integrated solution, or the integration platform.

-Trevor Shaw - Dwight-Englewood (break needs down by area's requirements/practice), then figure out how to integrate. (If what you are doing doesn't work, how do you get out of it)

-Lois Bailey from NYSIAS - using some google docs, and finances on cloud - looking for new/better platforms and solutions. Run accredidation off of single signon flat file database - problem with cloud/multiuse. Panorama by Proview.

Janet Davenport - Riverdale ountry, full blackbaud suite - integration product linking raisers and edu edge (Independent Focus). Integration was done in two weeks. Highly Reccomended service provider. Whipple hill for website, using push pages, looking to replace. Using Google apps for internal communication. Campus EAI portal - not going well.

JP Connoly, St. Anns - Shift in technology philosophy. Tech director since Febrary. Hosted Senior Systems. No grades, need to collate 10k+ report documents. Veracross - web-based SIS, easy to customize potentially interesting. GAE and Follett. Very light hardware presence (server infrastructure) - ~4 techs to 1000+ users. Mozy/Carbonite for cloud storage. Dropbox used but limited. Limitations to broadband availability due to historic district. QNAP NAS, likely hybrid dropbox-like solution. Seven campus buildings in same zipcode, looking for central cloud location.

Alex Rigone, Collegiate - blackbaud for admissions and deveopment - sis is whipple hill, business ofice is senior system. System diversity caused by varied time deployment. Infosnap Data Shuttle syncs Whipple Hill to Raisers edge central location synced out to other data sources.LDAP sso from AD, and google apps off of whipple hill. Whipple hill good fit because of time use recording/reporting. Blogging via wordpress multiuser (customizes by whipple hill).Spokes and hub model for data integration. Not heavily invested in social networking (google sites, pearson/google?)

Daid Lang - windows environment 90% 10% mac. Hand crafted site. PHP based solution using expression engine. All student facultyy functions running through portal using AD for sso. Blackbaud is POE for admissions and kids, everything flows up to raisers for development, and links to portal. 90% Virtualized on server side wit virtual desktops with VMware/Baracudda, windows 7. Google apps with AD for SSO, ECS licensing from MS, 3 year umbrella 90 users ~2000k$. Filemaker pro was replaced by artesinal PHP portal. Very happy with process. LOts of work to get there,but doing exactly what is needed. Paykin 15-20k a year for DBA and custom platform via Elemental Inc
(st david's school)

Trevor shaw - dwight englewood - 6 years of trying to integrate. Stable. Infosnap to education edge (business office and admissions). On contract/depost, export to home grown PHP system, wheree parents do online enrollment completion. From there, app runs daily sync/exports for blackboard, updates blackbaud (integrationbetween blackbaud products) pushes to whipple hill (sis, alumni, portal) and google apps provisioning, as well as list building. Creatinging new domain for alum to keep them into service. Custom need unhappiness/shortcomings, but functional operational perspective.

Bernie McCormick - Mary McDowell - moving to cloud from embedded server, moving to google apps from exhange, using seenior hoste, and very unhappy.

Different IT Careers -- Data Integration, Web Integration

Broken machine -- no one at the helm. Most of the bus off of senior systems. Web site, HTML creature, Student running off of Moodle auth of AD, Exchange for email. Adding an Upper School -- Piloting google apps -- duel delivering outlook and google apps. Fighting with senior systems. Drupal for data systems as the central glue. Writing stored procedures to pull data to MYSQL in drupal. Wordpress -- Social Networking, Flickr for photo storage. US Pilot to push things along. Infrastructure, 2 location, VPN'd -- moved everything to Amazon A3.

Dreamhost -- free non-profit accounts, Free web hosting.

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Discussions moved into busienss rules vs. automation. Learning curves and perspectives really drive a lot of the work that you can do.xa