NYSAIS Education and Information Technology Conference (NEIT14)

January 29-31, 2014

NEIT is a conference for librarians and technologists to gather and explore the future of information and technology in schools.

NEIT14 Conference Highlights:

Speaker: Ian Jukes
We live in an age of 'disruptive innovation' and educators and schools face compelling questions about the future of education in this new age. What will learning look like, and how will it be assessed? What critical 21st-century skills are not being addressed by our current educational models? How can educators design effective learning environments and curriculum to equip learners for success in the 21st century? This presentation based on the book Living on the Future Edge: Windows on Tomorrow from the 21st Century Fluency Project (www.fluency21.com).

NEIT14 Conference Resources and Links:

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