From Barbara Swanson:
April 2017

Dear workshop presenters:
I am sending this to the “team leader” or the proposer for each workshop. If there are other presenters in your group, kindly forward so everybody has this information.

Exciting that TWT is less than a week away! Here, I hope, are the answers to your questions. Please save this in a easy-to-access place.

  1. Workshop signups: I have attached the list of everybody who has signed up for workshops. For each session, you can sort the list and search for your group. Feel free to email your attendees if you need to.
  2. Rooms: Room numbers have been added to the **Course Catalog**. Check for yours.
    1. On the **conference page** you will find the floor plans. All workshops are on floors 19 and 20 and they are shaded in blue.
  3. Equipment: Each room will have seating for 25. A few workshops are sold out and no more sign ups are possible in those. Also they will have a smart board. Please bring your own laptop, dongle and power cord. Some rooms might have laptops, but don’t count on it. If you are connecting to an iPad or other device, bring any adapters you might need. And remember that if all else fails, you’ll need to go to plan B.
  4. Wifi: LMPS-Guest Password: lmpsguest02
  5. Tech Support: Leman Manhattan and the NYSAIS Education Information Technology (NEIT) Committee will be on hand on both floors to assist you. The tech office is on the 20th floor next to 20-28 should you need help and can’t find anybody.
  6. Wiki: Please go to: where information about the event lives. On **this page** find your session and upload any handouts and/or presentation. If you have questions, please contact Michelle Sherry <>.
  7. Arrival: Location: Léman Manhattan
High School Building 1 Morris St, New York, NY 10004 map
Take the elevator to 21 and walk up stairs to 22 where breakfast and registration will be in the cafeteria. Arrive anytime after 8:30. Opening announcements are at 9:30, first sessions begins right at 10:00 AM.

DIRECTIONS on how to add content to the NEIT Wiki.

1. Sign into If you do not have have an account, please create an account. Membership requests need to be approved. We are quick to approve these requests but be patient. You will receive an email once your request is approved.

2. Once you are signed in, on the homepage, you will see a link to Schedule. Click on the Schedule link.

3. There will now be a list of the workshops by session. Click on the link to your workshop.

4. Once on your workshop page, you will see the following message:
Inline image 2
Inline image 2

That's OK. Just hit the EDIT button in the upper right hand corner. (If it doesn't allow you to edit the page, that is because you are not signed in.)
Inline image 1
Inline image 1

5. Once you click edit, you may add content. Use the editing toolbar
Inline image 3
Inline image 3

to add text, images and links. Please make sure you hit SAVE when finished editing the page.